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Important Documents

Aussielinx Direct Debit Form
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Aussielinx Transfer Sheet
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Aussielinx Termination Form
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Appointing an Authorised Representative Form
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Financial Hardship Policy

The process and necessary information for customers experiencing financial hardship.
Complaint Handling Process
Aussielinx has a complaints and handling process to ensure efficient, fair and courteous resolution of all complaints.
Standard Form of Agreement
This is the agreement between Aussielinx and its customers. It contains everything you need to know about our general terms, service descriptions and pricing schedule.
Privacy Policy
How Homelinx handles and protects your personal information.
Customer Service Guarantee
Our service commitment to our customers.
Aussielinx disclaimer.
Harware Warranty Information
Detailed information about hardware warranty.
Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions related to all Aussielinx products.

Primary Network Information
Aussielinx resells services on the networks of the following Principle Carriers, iiNet / Telstra / TPG / AAPT / NBN for broadband internet and Telstra for voice.

Examples of data usage amounts
Below are some estimates of the amounts of data consumed doing typical internet activities. These are estimates and are approximate. Please be aware that actual usage will vary and could be far greater for example, you may be watching a HD stream or send Hi resolution pictures as an email attachment.

Typical Internet Activity Estimate of Data Consumed
Emails 500KB per email (estimates includes attachments & spam)
Movie Downloads 2GB per film (avi, mpeg, divx)
Game / Movie Trailers 100MB each
Browsing the Internet 5Mb per hour
Music Tracks 5Mb per song (4-5 min duration)
Online Gaming 15Mb per hour
Online Radio Typical stream at 128Kbps
Photos / Documents 850KB per image
Videos / TV Streaming 2MB per minute


Why does my internet fluctuate in speed throughout the day?
Internet speeds tend to speed up and slow down due to the amount of traffic flow through our servers (the amount of users our network at one time)
Am I getting the correct internet speed?
AussieLinx Open ADSL plans can provide a maximum ADSL or ADSL2 speed depending on the Exchange capabilities and/or distance from the exchange to your home therefore, the speeds obtained maybe lower and actual speeds may vary depending on this and a number of other factors as listed below. To check what speed you are getting now please click on the below image:

It is important to remember that the results obtained from these tests only provides a rough estimate of the speeds and other values being received from your connection. There are various external factors which can limit results and affect the accuracy of your speed test. The following are just some of the limiting factors that may prevent your service from reaching the theoretical maximum "up to" speeds.
> The configuration of the modem/router and/or WiFi you are using (i.e. WAN port) or location in the premises;
> The PC/Mac hardware configuration, age and the software you are using; >
Other devices or WiFi equipment in the premises generating additional data traffic;
> Other WiFi equipment nearby conflicting with your modem/router settings. What can I do to increase my speed? There are a number of things you can do to potentially increase your speeds, they are:
> Limit the amount of devices you have connected to the computer at any one time (i.e. smart phones, tablets, all wireless devices) ยท
> Limit the amount of programs you have running at any one time (i.e. videos, downloads etc.)
> Connect via Ethernet instead of wireless
> Try a different web browser, i.e. Google chrome
My internet is still slow, what do I do now?
If you are still finding that your internet speed is slow, copy and paste the results of your speed test completed earlier and call our support line on 1300 720 724 and press option 2. Also, if you are comfortable doing so, please put your modem in isolation by removing all devices including splitters, filters and phones from the line and plug the modem directly into the telephone socket for testing.