Aussielinx are able to provide you with the latest ADSL open technologies at the best price possible.
An ADSL open speed is simply providing you with the fastest possible internet connection available to you by using ADSL1 or ADSL2 technologies. Instead of placing speed restraints on the line such as 256kbps we simply open the line up giving every customer the fastest speed available.


Monthly Cost




Gold 100GB

$59.99 / mo

  • ADSL Open 1 or 2 Speed
  • 100GB Data
    ($0.599 per 1GB)
  • Aussie email address
  • VOIP

Aussie 1TB

$79.99 / mo

  • ADSL Open 1 or 2 Speed
  • 1000GB Data
    ($0.079 per 1GB - based on 1TB usage)
  • Aussie email address
  • VOIP

These services require port availability at your exchange. These services can only be provisioned from an active and existing telephone service. Should you not have an active or existing telephone service, please see our home telephone page for activation. Minimum contract term is 12 months; cancellation prior to this will incur a termination fee of $80 plus $10 times the remaining months in the contract. VOIP is an optional feature; customers are to specify if they would like to have this feature added to their plan. VOIP may also require additional hardware. 1GB (gigabyte) = 1000MB (megabyte) all unused data will be forfeited each month, once data allowance has been reached, speeds will be shaped to 72mbps.
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On a 12 month contract, activation with a new service is $110.00, relocation is $110.00 (where the service is moved to an active or existing telephone service) and a churn is $40 (transfer from another ISP). All plans are provisioned with a dynamic IP address, static IP addresses can be added which incur an extra charge of $2.00 per month.
TP-Link Wireless ADSL2+ Modem $69.95
TP-Link Wireless ADSL2+ Modem FREE on a 24 month contract*
*If cancellation occurs within 24 month contract period, a charge of $40.00 will be added to the early termination fee. All hardware will be configured and posted to the customer’s nominated postal address.
Plan Change
Customers can choose to either upgrade or downgrade their plan, some of these changes will incur an extra charge and all plan changes result in the start of a new 12 month contract.
Upgrading to a higher data plan (speed remains the same) - no extra charge
Downgrading to a lower data plan (speed remains the same) will incur a once off charge of $25
Upgrading to a higher speed (same data plan) will incur a once off charge of $30
Downgrading to a lower speed (same data plan) will incur a once off charge of $30
Spend Management Tools
1GB (gigabyte) = 1000MB (megabyte) all unused data will be forfeited each month, once data allowance has been reached, speeds will be shaped to 72Mbps. Both uploads and downloads will count towards data usage. There will be no extra charges for excess usage. If you would like to know what your usage is each month, please contact us on 1300 720 724.
Primary Network Information
Aussielinx resells services on the networks of the following Principle Carriers, iiNet / Telstra / TPG / AAPT / NBN for broadband internet and Telstra for voice.
Examples of data usage amounts
Below are some estimates of the amounts of data consumed doing typical internet activities. These are estimates and are approximate. Please be aware that actual usage will vary and could be far greater for example, you may be watching a HD stream or send Hi resolution pictures as an email attachment.

Typical Internet Activity Estimate of Data Consumed
Emails 500KB per email (estimates includes attachments & spam)
Movie Downloads 2GB per film (avi, mpeg, divx)
Game / Movie Trailers 100MB each
Browsing the Internet 5Mb per hour
Music Tracks 5Mb per song (4-5 min duration)
Online Gaming 15Mb per hour
Online Radio Typical stream at 128Kbps
Photos / Documents 850KB per image
Videos / TV Streaming 2MB per minute